Tips on how to focus better at work

February 28, 2020

Is it hard for you to stay focused on one task? Do you struggle with low energy every time you want to start focusing on a new big project? These few tips will help you take a step back:

– Only YOU know how to manage your schedule. In other words: it’s up to you to decide which task is the most important on your list, which moment is the best to fix this or that appointment.

– Take a break, even if your daily to-do list seems impossible to get over with.  If you take time to stop for a moment, you’ll be much more productive afterwards, trust us! 

– Don’t skip new or changing elements just to “save time”. New ideas, encounters and concepts can often inspire us in unexpected ways. 

– Remember: no one is perfect! Calm your expectations and perfectionism and be satisfied with what you’ve already accomplished.

In coworking spaces like OurPlace, many entrepreneurs spend their days trying to make progress for their multiple projects. If you are one of them, juste remember these tips in times of procrastination, and use your workspace to find support from other coworkers.