Looking for the ideal planning app

February 28, 2020

Sometimes, as a freelancer or a startuper, the day to day life is so dense that we tend to rely on mobile applications to help us see things more clearly. But here’s the fact: we often spend more time organizing the software that’s supposed to help us, than actually getting things done.

Alexandra Samuel of the Harvard Business Review suggests that we rethink the way we interact with the software by using it cleverly: first of all, it is essential to identify the tools you actually need. Is it a reverse scheduling, a project classification or an online brainstorming? This identification process will help you get where you need to go. 

Another tip: start small. There’s no point in pouring all your data into a freshly downloaded application if you notice 2 hours later that the functionality you need the most is not available. Start small, test everything and, if all goes well, keep on going.

To conclude, don’t forget that two apps are sometimes better than one: never hesitate to ask about integration possibilities, which allow you to use several apps for one single project!