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Joining the Swiss coworking ecosystem: say hello to OurPlace!

By Melisa Manrique, Community builder and Author at MigrantMama

Describing itself as “the new home for entrepreneurs”, OurPlace is joining the thriving Swiss coworking community in early 2019. Going beyond the established concept of open offices and shared desks, OurPlace strength is curating a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and a network with the main corporate players of the Swiss scene.

If you are a startup in the fields of Proptech, Fintech, Life Sciences and Micro Technology, you will find yourself at home here. As you have learnt in our previous post, Switzerland has been actively embracing the future of work. Within a decade, the country has seen the rise of several coworking spaces offering entrepreneurs and startups their ideal working environment, this being places offering flexibility, autonomy, and professional networking for both local and international professionals.

OurPlace Coworking Morges Team

The dedicated team of OurPlace has not only a clear understanding of this raising local demand but they have also rounded up their research by studying the latest urban coworking spaces in London, Berlin, Amsterdam and New York. On this strong foundations, the mission statement of OurPlace became clear: balance relaxed and professional working environments where both startups and corporates feel home and can enhance their productivity.

The first coworking space of the series – correct! You will have more than one option to choose from!- will open in Morges in March 2019. It will be a 6 stores building equipped with spaces for concentrated as well as collaborative work, and with community areas such as a theater, hammock areas, and the stunning event spaces. With an eye for detail, each area offers a unique interior inspired by the rich natural resources of Switzerland.

It is crucial for the team of OurPlace to enable you to fully focus on your projects.

How do they achieve that?

By organising a space with the latest technologies to best facilitate your work. Whether you are solo-entrepreneur or a small startup team or a growing company, you have enough work on your plate. OurPlace eases your working day by creating a environment where booking a room, paying your membership or accessing the spaces is easy and uncomplicated.

By creating a warm and environmentally friendly working atmosphere. The choice of Morges for the first coworking space is not casual. Close by the Lake Geneva and adjacent to the city of Lausanne, Morges is easily accessible by public transportation as well as by bike and scooter. Imagine yourself approaching your office while enjoying a breathtaking view of the Alps. Priceless.

By building a bridge between prominent companies and the startups. Exchange of knowledge and ideas is key for growth. Thus OurPlace is developing „innovation“ departments with corporate members to bring the two worlds closer together. For the benefits of both startups and corporates.

But working spaces become alive only with a curated and engaged community. The community is growing and the call for applications is already open with some interesting early birds perks. Check the application here and do not be shy, spread the word!

Now, it is time for you to join the new kid on the block: OurPlace in Morges is opening its doors soon.