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This Is Why a Good Coworking Space Helps Your Productivity

Par Melisa Manrique, community builder et auteur chez MigrantMama

In a time where location-independent work is growing steadily, a common question for the many people embracing this working style remains: where shall I work? Your options might be: my favorite café, my very own desk at home, or my friend’s living room so that I do not to feel alone. All wonderful options, until you realize that you are asking yourself an incomplete question. This shall rather be: where shall I work to increase my productivity and enforce my working routine? In fact, your favorite café might be overcrowded and have unstable WiFi; your desk at home might be too close to your bed tempting you to have a nap; and your friend might distract you with this and that question or this and that anecdote.

This is why, we believe that a well designed coworking space is the answer that should pop-up in your head when deciding for your working space! A space that still feels like the living room of your friend because there is good company, like your favorite café because there is good coffee, but that is actually a professional environment where you can focus on your todos.

In this article, we tell you why and how we have designed OurPlace to be the space for you and to help boosting your productivity and working routine.

Designing for Productivity and Designing for Fun

Floor per floor we have developed OurPlace with the following motto: ‘work hard play hard’. In fact we consider productivity and fun as allies and we reflect this belief all around this coworking space to foster your best working routine and ideal community.

To give you clear examples. We have designed OurPlace to give you the following basic services:

1) Make you feel safe. All floors grant access exclusively to our members with a badge system that allows members to enter the coworking area 24/7.

2) Assure you great technologies.High speed and secured WiFi, secured printers, fix and flex desks, options for private office as well as community areas.

3) Treat you to delicious coffee. Like in your favorite cafeteria but with the upside that you get it included in your membership and that you do not have to drink it in a “noisy” environment that discourages concentration.

These basics are framed in a pleasant interior: the spaces are inspired to the cozy and minimalist Scandinavian interior design style. Who does not like some hygge feeling at work where every human sense is on ease?

Each Floor Has Purpose and Character

At OurPlace we took care of creating a good balance between open and private spaces. This guarantees you to have a reliable working environment as well as fun community times. We have designed every floor to have its own character. Three artists painted murals in the stairwell and walls on each floor to bring the members into the atmosphere of the place.

It all starts in the“Charlie” basement where we have set up a cinema room so that our members can relax or organize original events and enjoy our popcorn machine.

Then you arrive at the ground floor where “Play” is the recurrent theme. In here you will find our community space where you have everything you need to:

1) Relax and get inspired by reading a book about the Berlin startup scene or enjoying a business podcast on our cosy hammock corner.

2) Let your creativity spark by playing some music in our semi-acoustic jam corner.

3) Sit down for an informal meeting or a private call in our meeting booths or phone booths.

Likewise every other home where the kitchen is the heart of the space, the ground floor hosts our community kitchen. Here you are welcome to heat up your meals for lunch as well as treat yourself to a special afterwork with beer on tap.

All neat, but what about productivity, you might ask? Yet remember, one enforces the others in a well designed coworking space.

The 3rd floor is our “Members Club” where you will find a mix of flex and fix desks in wonderful open space As every good office space, you will have access to 3 conference rooms (one suitable for video conference and the other two equipped with big screens). The private offices are also located on this floor which offers a rather formal lounge area where you can have calls and/or small team meetings.

Each floor has a kitchenette with a bean coffee machine that can be used by all members free and unlimited. Next to it is a printer room with all the papermaking equipment and a technologically equipped conference room. Floors 2, 3 and 5 are divided into closed offices, Fix and Flex spaces.

Keep it moving and improving

A good coworking space is synonymous with flexibility and is designed to be YOUR dream workspace. This is why we leave space for improvement and are open to co-create and keep on creating the space together with our community. Get in touch with us! Get in touch with us!

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